-Our rental collection is reserved for clients only-

Brass Candlesticks

Short - 5.9", Medium - 7.3", Tall - 9.3"

Quantity 30

Copper Arch

8' high X 3'-8' wide

Square or Triangle

Curved Arches

White. S 1.7'X4'/M 2.2'X5'/L2.7'X6'

Quantity - 3 pieces

Wood Easel


Quantity 2

Bud Vases

Glass. 4"

Quantity 15 of each style

Par Can Lighting

Various colours

Quantity 8

Cylinder Vase

Glass. 12" tall

Quantity 12

Cylinder Vase

Glass. 9" tall

Quantity 15

Cylinder Vase

Glass. 6" tall

Quantity 6

Fluted Vase

Glass. 4.5" tall

Quantity 25

Candle Holder

Glass. 4" tall

Quantity 25

Vintage Votive

Glass. 3" tall

Quantity 24

Mercury Votive

Silver. 2.5" tall

Quantity 16

Mercury Votive

Gold. 2.5" tall

Quantity 8

Candle Holder

Warm Gold. 7",8.3",9.5"

Quantity 3pcs. 30 sets - 90 total

Chimney Tubes

Glass. S 3"X16"/M 3"X18/L 3"X20"

Quantity 3 pcs. 30 sets - 90 total

Flameless LED candle

0.78" X 9.64" tall

Quantity 30

Gold & Glass Card Box

10.2" wide, 5.9" deep, 7.9" tall

Quantity 1

Gold Table Numbers

5 X 7 Frames

Quantity 1-20

Glass Taper Candle Holder

Quantity 40

Amber Votive

Quantity 30

Happy Couples

  • We are so happy we came across Jessica's services because she helped our dream wedding become a reality. Jessica is one of the more organized people I've met in this industry and you can tell she's passionate about what she does. Our wedding was more complex than most, where we sourced all of our vendors ourselves and had to make sure all the various little puzzle pieces fit together. Jessica ran the show without a hitch and even surprised us with decor that helped make our vision come to life. Would gladly recommend!!!
    Sonia & Justin