Wood Arbour

8' high X 8' wide

Decor not included

Copper Arch

8' high X 3'-8' wide

Square or Triangle

Canopy Tent

Square | 10' X 10'

Scalloped edges



Quantity 2

Acrylic Table Number

4" wide

Quantity #1-16

Gifts & Cards Sign

8" high X 11" wide

Quantity 1

Par Can Lighting

Various colours

Quantity 8

Shepherd Hook

3' high. White

Quantity 8

Candle Holder

Glass. 4" high

Quantity 25

Vintage Votive

Glass. 3" high

Quantity 24

Cylinder Vase

Glass. 12" high

Quantity 12

Cylinder Vase

Glass. 9" high

Quantity 15

Cylinder Vase

Glass. 6" high

Quantity 6

Fluted Vase

Glass. 4.5" high

Quantity 25

Candle Holder

Brass. 7',8.3",9.5"

Quantity 3pcs. 2 sets

Card Box

Glass and Brass

Quantity 1

Mercury Votive

Silver. 2.5" high

Quantity 16

Mercury Votive

Gold. 2.5" high

Quantity 8

Beverage Dispenser

Plastic. 3 Gallon

Quantity 1

Flameless Candle

3" x 4", 3", 2" high

Quantity 9

Gold Lantern

Glass. 17"&13"

Quantity 2 per size

Micro Lights

LED. 16' long

Quantity 20

Amenity Basket

Stocked with sign

Quantity 1

Amenity Basket

Stocked with sign

Quantity 1

Faux Eucalyptus

Garland. 5' long

Quantity 2

Grey Runner

Chiffon. 2' wide X 10' long

Quantity 3

Happy Couples

  • About 10 weeks before our big day, I started having meltdowns every night so I contacted Jessica and asked if I could start using her services sooner than anticipated. Within a day she had taken so much off of my plate and covered so many things I hadn't even thought of for my 200 guest wedding. Fast forward to 10 days before our big day and my Photographer goes completely MIA, within 24 hours Jessica had already found us an AMAZING photographer and even negotiated a last-minute contract for us. Jessica is always available to text or call and that made me feel significantly less stressed.
    Kelsie & Ricky