Four reasons why you need a backup plan for your outdoor wedding

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Weather. Let's face it, we live in Southwestern Ontario and the weather is unpredictable, to say the least! No matter how much time and effort you put into planning an outdoor wedding, all of your efforts will go to waste if the weather is not willing to cooperate. Make sure you have a clear backup location to host your wedding.

You will need to ensure that you will be able to transport your materials to the new location with ease as well as have a floor plan mapped out in advance for easy setup. If you need to move your wedding indoors you will need a smooth plan for doing so. 

When planning an outdoor wedding, let your guests know where your alternate location is in case of inclement weather so they can plan ahead. Posting this backup plan on your wedding website or sending out an email the week of your event will keep guests informed and eliminate any confusion. 

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Time and Money. It is no secret that weddings take time and money to plan. If you do not have a backup plan in place you are basically throwing your time and money away. Protect your investment and wedding plans by making sure you have a Plan B available to you that is cost-effective and that can be executed quickly.

You will need to inform your vendors of your Plan B, and if you account for an alternate plan ahead of time you can ensure that your vendors will be prepared for a new location and set up.  You will want to make sure you source a Plan B location that maintains your budget; ensuring that transportation costs, set up costs, and vendor fees are all accounted for. 

Guest Experience. Your guests are looking for a superior event experience where all logistics are planned to near perfection. The last thing you want is for your guests to notice any major hiccups, it will make you feel guilty and look unprepared. Having a solid Plan B in place with seamless execution will elevate your guests' experience. 

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Peace of Mind. With luck on your side, you may not need to implement your backup plan, which is always the hope for any wedding. Planning out the steps you will need to take to execute your backup plan will give you peace of mind leading up to your wedding.

You won't have to think on your feet or make a number of last-minute phone calls. Simply notify your guests of the changes and carry out the elements needed as quickly as possible. 

Wedding planning is already so stressful, there is no need to add to that stress! Hiring a professional wedding planner is crucial to mapping out a backup plan. We have a breadth of experience in planning and executing backup plans and know how to plan ahead for changes in your outdoor wedding due to inclement weather.

Please reach out to us with any questions regarding your outdoor wedding in Southwestern Ontario. 



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