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There are so many ideas and trends in the wedding industry in terms of style, theme, colour and ambiance. But are they really you as a couple? We begin this service by meeting you to chat about your personalities and what brings you happiness.

We then create a personal mood board outlining the concept and colour story of your wedding including linens, table décor, backdrops, aisle décor and other unique details. Finally we provide unique sketches of what your custom designs will look like. If you're in love, you can have us source your items and bring your custom wedding design to life!


Each wedding and couple are different therefore we customize our wedding design pricing to reflect that fact.

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  • Jessica's logistical expertise and sense of style have made our annual Food For Thought Gala a tremendous success for 3 years now. We would recommend her services to anyone!
    -Brenda Saunders, Organizing Chair, BIAN

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