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When going through the process of booking your vendors it is important to only interview up to three vendors per category. This will ensure that you do not get overwhelmed and confused by all the choices. You can then narrow down your selection based on the best connection, the best price for what you are getting or the most positive referrals and references. 

Here are a few questions to ask each vendor before booking:

1. Are you available for my event date? (If not, then there is no point in continuing on in the meeting, thank the vendor for their time and move on).

2. How many years have you been in business? How do you get most of your business? How many events have you done in the past year? Can you provide three references? (If the vendor is new and starting out, they will build your trust by just being honest. Honesty, after all, is the best policy). 

3. Will you be on-site at the event or is there another person who will be? What will the attire be at the event? (If the person on site if different from the person you are speaking with ask to meet the person who will be attending your wedding before signing the contract to make sure you gel well together, it is important to have a good connection with your vendors).

4. How much do you charge? What is the pricing based on and how it is determined? How much is the deposit? When are the deposits and balances due?  What are your methods of payment? What is your cancellation policy? 

There are tons of talented vendors out there and tons that are simply, not! An event planner can become very beneficial in suggesting professional and reliable vendors that will provide the best services.

The vendors recommended by Bonafide Events Studio are solely chosen based on their merit and are always focused on working together to ensure you and your guests have a superior event experience.  

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Have you worked with any vendors you were not happy with? How did it affect your event? 


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