5 Fresh Ideas to Engage Attendees

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Long gone are the days of boring events where there is only one speaker reading off their slides one by one. Even if your event is backed by a strategic outcome doesn't mean it has to be boring. In fact, the more interactive the better, here are 5 Fresh ideas to engage attendees.

1. Laughing Yoga! A he he he, A ho ho ho, A he ho ha - Sounds crazy right? Yes it is! But when a room full of executives are all doing it, it's actually so funny and you will be surprised as to how it lightens the mood, refreshes the mind and allows attendees to soak up more content.

2. Graphic Recording and Facilitation. Create an accurate summary of your discussion in real time to facilitate thinking and decision making with fun visuals. According to ImageThink, graphic recording can enhance understanding retention, increase participant engagement and create concise beautiful summaries of information. Most of us learn the best when information is paired with visuals. It's fun and interactive and can be shared with attendees to keep them thinking long after the event.

3. Music. This idea is so overlooked for conferences, do people think because you wear a suit you do not like to dance? Music is a great way to get attendees engaged. Use it during breaks, dance breaks! Our attendees love it and its surprising how focused and quite they are after the break is over.

4. Instant Polls. Using this idea at an event is a great way to engage attendees as well as gather secret information about them- ha ha so sneaky! No not really, we use this data from polls for research and event feedback and it really adds a fun element to the event, especially if the questions are silly, but try to ask some serious ones too.

5. Use Gamification (game thinking). If your main purpose is to engage, entertain and/or teach, Gamification is a great way to do just that. It is perfect for workshops or as a networking tool, you can create missions to teach skills, have attendees complete mini projects in small groups where they can get points for completing each 'level'. It is all in the language you use and can be completely customized to suit your event objectives.

Have you been to an event where they used any of these ideas? Did you feel more engaged?


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