5 Items You Can't Forget in your Wedding Budget

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So it's not news, but weddings can be pricey! There are several elements to account for and it's hard to keep track of all the expenses that will arise, unless you have the help of a trusty wedding planner that is... Here is a list of the top five elements that couples forget to account for in their wedding budgets.

1. Alterations - Most brides forget that once they have ordered their dream dress they need to have it perfectly tailored to their bodies for the most flattering fit. Alterations will cost anywhere from $50 to $600. This will depend on your style of dress, the work to be done and what part of the dress needs altering. 

2. Tips and Gratuities - Most couples forget about tips and gratuities because it is not an immediate cost. Couples should budget between 10 to 30 percent of the fee depending on the service or vendor. This will include hair stylists and make-up artists, set-up and delivery staff, musicians, caterers, bakers, reception staff, transportation etc. Remember not to tip business owners but the actual workers that appear on your special day after all, they are the ones making it all happen! 

3. Postage - This can be a costly one especially if your invitations are an odd shape or have embellishments such as flowers. The price for postage can range from about 50 cents to $3 per each invitation! This cost can be offset by using a wedding website to invite guests, it will save you money and it's green!

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4. Reception Accessories - Just like you put the final touches on yourself before the wedding, these are the final touches for your reception. The guest book, quill pen, cake knife, cake topper and toasting glasses are several accessories that are forgotten until the last minute, putting you over budget. All these accessories can cost you from $100 to $300 depending on style. Account for these early on and you'll save big! Try gathering a quill or feather pen and cake knife from a family member or friend early on. Some venues provide these items as well so double check before you buy.

5. Cake Cutting Fee- This is usually a hidden fee in the booking of a venue but it could end up being very expensive. Some venues and restaurants charge anywhere from $1.50 and up per person. Opt for cute little cupcakes or cake pops. Better yet, skip the dessert as your wedding meal probably includes house dessert and create a popcorn or pie bar - Super fun and affordable! 

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